Filman makes the world a better place


The Filman Group promotes the values of “Helping good people do good deeds” and has been supporting the education of poverty-stricken areas for a long time. It has established such programs as “Warm Parcels in Winter” and “Filman Scholarship”.


In the principle of “Providing timely help” and “Teaching a man fishing instead of giving him fish”, the Filman influences ordinary people in doing some specific charity programs by using the celebrity effect. The volunteers of Filman contribute their spare time, energy and skills and provide services and help, free of charge, for the society and other people.


To Live in the midst of Reality Book Tour

Filman together with Yu Hua launches the public welfare activity to bring warmth to the children of Longxi County Primary School in Gansu.

Filman Love Parcels

Filman considers it its duty to help the poor and care for the underprivileged. By means of long-term public welfare activities, Filman makes contributions to poverty-stricken areas.

Filman Scholarship

In response to the appeal of China for “taking targeted and technological measures to help people lift themselves out of poverty”, Filman is dedicated to the education of poverty-stricken areas.

Recruitment for Filman Volunteers

Do you think you’re a person full of love but to have no idea where and how to release it? Welcome to join our family of Filman charity volunteers!

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