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Up to now, the Filman Group has made investment in: 20 TV series and art shows, 5 game companies and 3 sports programs.


Walking into Jiang Xi and Passing Love Project by The Filman Group foundation

The Filman Group foundation sponsored the activity of Caring Student with the members of AI Century Network Technology Cooperation, Sichuan Junhe Environmental Cooperation and PROSNAV Capital on 24th December, 2019. The members of Caring Student accompanying with colleague of local educational department visited 6 local schools in Suichuan and Wanan of Jiangxi and donated over 500 hundred warming packages. The Filman Group public service activities has already sponsored 13 warming package activities in various places such as Gansu, Guizhou, Sichuan and Jiangxi and awarded scholarships for 15 schools covering more than 3125 students.

The warm care packages of Filman Group for students of Yi nationality

On 20th of December,2018, The Filman Group established Love team with Sichuan Junhe Environmental Protection Co.,Ltd, which has been strongly supported by local education authorities, to assist the impoverished students of Yi nationality in Leshan, Sichuan. Based on the principles of "teaching how to fish" and "provide timely help", the year of 2018 was the third year of Filman Group philanthropy included care packages and Filman scholarships. Filman Group philanthropy has already made donations for 7 schools which covered more than 1300 students in poverty areas such as the vulnerable groups of Longxi county in Gansu and Zhengan county in Guizhou during 2016 and 2017. This activity has donated almost 600 students of Mabian county in 2018.

First immersive artistic exhibition of Filman Group-----"Hidden Paradise.Vol.Peach"

Filman group held an artistic exihibition in August 23rd 2018, which was combined Chinese culture with modern lighting technology. This exhibition was based in 798 art zone which is one of the most popular gathering place for young people who love arts . This theme of exhibition is about Chinese tale of hidden paradise with the background of Eastern culture. We devoted to building up exquisite visual effects and magnificant experiences for the audiences.

Filman Scholarship: Constantly spreading love and positive energy

On November 28, 2017, the Filman group held public welfare activities of sending warm parcels to schools in poverty-stricken area of Guizhou province, which is also the hometown of boxing Olympic champion, Zou Shiming. The event covered five schools in five villages in Zhengan, a national-level poverty county. It provided a total of 900 warm parcels and set up scholarship in six schools. This year is the second year of the Filman group's public welfare program, which includes “Warm Parcels in Winter” and “Filman Scholarship”. Last year the program covered more than 400 primary school students in poverty-stricken area Longxi,Gansu province.

The Filman Institute and Perfect World Education: An Alliance Between Giants

The Filman Institute under Filman Group has established a comprehensive and in-depth strategic cooperation with Perfect World Education. On April 27, 2017, a digital art educational base called “Pixel Seed” initiated by Perfect World was officially unveiled. Hand in hand, the Filman Institute and Perfect World Education will initiate online and offline public classes aiming at spreading knowledge and positive energy and centering on leaders of entertaining industry to establish an open industrial educational platform and provide more chances for the young people to learn and grow up.

Filman Explores Sports Industry

On April 8, 2017, as an investor, Filman took part in the second session of the “Beijing Combat: B&R International Free Sparring Dual Meet”, marking Filman’s arrangement in sports industry and its commencement of exploration. Liu Yan, the sexy actress who is also a stockholder of Filman and Pan Xiaoting, the well-known “9-ball Queen” attended the activity and awarded prizes to the winners. Wang Jia, CEO of Filman said that in the future, hopefully, Filman would use more financial strength to make contribution to the development of China’s sports industry.

Filman donated love parcels to students in Longxi County and set up scholarships to support the education in remote areas

On November 29, 2016, as a loving enterprise in the “love parcel” program of China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, the Filman Group, together with Mr. Yu Hua, the famous writer, issued “love packages” worth over RMB 80,000 Yuan to over 400 primary school students in Longxi County, Gansu Province. Following the principle of “teaching a man fishing instead of giving fish”, Filman set up annual scholarship programs and university scholarship programs, to constantly inspire the students to work hard to reward their parents and the society.

Filman Charity officially starts and organizes public lectures jointly with the famous writer Mr. Yu Hua

On September 20, 2016, Filman, together with the writer Yu Hua, organized public welfare lectures, representing an official start of the Filman’s charity segment. The public welfare lecture by Yu Hua – “Warm Package Donation to Children in Remote Areas” is the first program in Filman’s charity cause. The donations collected from the lectures will all be used to support the poverty-stricken primary schools in Longxi County, Gansu Province.

Filman make its debut at the sixth Beijing International Film Festival

On April 19, 2016, upon the invitation of the organizing committee of the sixth Beijing International Film Festival, Filman held special activities on film market in Beijing International Hotel. Wang Jia, CEO of Filman, Anthony Borquez, CEO of Grab Games and Ryan Holmes, CEO of SpaceVR, and other guests attended the activities. In the meantime, Zou Shiming, the Olympic champion, also came to cheer up the event on behalf of star stockholders in Filman. They have witnessed, with the on-site guests, the brand-new release of the Filman brand and the development and realistic application of international VR.

Press Conference of Filman

On November 2, 2015, Filman made grand debut in Beijing Xiedao International Automobile Cultural Theme Park. Many celebrities, including the General Manager and Director of China Film Co., Ltd. Jiang Ping, the famous director Feng Xiaogang, the famous writer Yu Hua, the famous actor and entrepreneur Li Yapeng, the musical wizard Hu Xia, the world champion Lin Dan, the well-known “9-ball Queen” Pan Xiaoting, the cute little girl Olivia and her father Li Xiaopeng, the world champion, attended the event and started the release of all segments of the Filman Group.

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